Community Economic Development Specialist


As a native of Davidson County, NC, located in the rolling hills of the Piedmont region, I grew up swimming, boating, and fishing in High Rock Lake.  Exploring the woods and catching crawdads in the creeks around our rural home on a small peninsula of the lake, locally known as “Isle of Pines”, gave me a great appreciation for the balance found in nature.  This is where I learned to respect our natural resources and spurred my interest in conservation, social and environmental sciences, as well as legal studies.

Through higher education and hands-on experience, I have been fortunate to learn from scores of compassionate experts, some of the best in their fields.  I have been able to pass along these best practices and procedures to private developers, property owners, and investors involved with planning and developing properties, from large tracts of land to historic landmarks.  It has been an honor for me to work together with individuals and organizations to preserve and rehabilitate historic central business districts, in order to meet the needs of growing communities, from the western Piedmont region to eastern NC.

Over the last 23 years, I have studied and worked to help dedicated volunteers and municipal staff create interesting and genuine “places” for residents and visitors to live, work and play.  I have worked for and in collaboration with leading community organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Authorities, Small Business Centers, Council of Governments, Colleges, merchants’ associations and a variety of consultants, so I know how important it is to bring together all stakeholders, including the public at-large.

For the past 11 years, I have enjoyed holding positions throughout the state as both city and nonprofit staff concentrating in the following areas:

  • Historic downtown revitalization
  • Marketing underdeveloped properties and procuring 
  • Small business planning and consulting services
  • Grant writing and management (federal, state, and local)
  • Creating local reimbursement grants that improved properties & tax value
  • Assisting with Brownfield Assessment and Clean-up grants & procedures
  • Stakeholder relations, Input Sessions (In-person & Virtually) w/ meeting facilitation
  • Community visioning/goal setting, from concept development to execution
  • How to organize and implement goals for revitalization of historic districts effectively

“Holding the hand” of my clients while working through the intricate details of repurposing land and buildings into residential and commercial uses is a skill that my clients/customers (elected officials, city supervisors, colleagues, private developers, investors, board members, community volunteers) have appreciated over the years.

All of these experiences listed above have allowed me to hone my skills in the areas of real estate development, small business operations and consultation, procurement of public and private funding, along with how to maximize public-private partnerships.

Put my experience to work for your community!