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Zoning and Special Use Permits
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Housing Bonds
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Our Approach to Housing

At Sanford Holshouser, we view housing as a problem solvable by local governments using time tested tools and strategies. Our staff of lawyers and consultants leverage their on-the-ground development and project management experience to guide small and mid-sized communities through the housing development process to secure long term affordability for its residents. Our strategy includes:

  • Identifying unused or underused government-owned property that can be put to use for affordable housing;
  • Creating locally-controlled funding, eg: through a committed tax source and/or voter approved bonds;
  • Partnering with for-profit and non-profit developers to leverage their capital and expertise in housing development;
  • Engaging with stakeholders and the community to develop a vision for each development, and continuously gathering and addressing feedback as project planning progresses.

Our Experience

Our attorneys and staff have over thirty years’ experience advising towns, municipalities, lending institutions and housing authorities on the partnership approach to housing solutions. In addition, with our public finance attorneys, we can find ways for interested towns and municipalities to leverage their own purse strings to match layered financing with the best possible outcomes.

  • Lenders Counsel to Truist for 18 years, as both Development and Tax Credit Counsel;
  • Development Counsel to Chapel Hill;
  • Developed Affordable Housing Bonds for municipalities across North Carolina;
  • Coupled towns and municipalities with not-for-profit and civically minded for-profit developers;
  • Represented not-for-profits on developments with municipal partners.