Sanford Holshouser LLP provides public finance legal services to local governments and their allies across North Carolina including projects that support affordable housing and community economic development. We work to make North Carolina a better place, one home town at a time, and we approach our work with humility and respect for our clients and their projects. Here’s a map showing some of our projects across the State.


Our History

Our Firm traces its roots back to when Terry Sanford and Jim Holshouser practiced law together. Sanford was North Carolina’s governor, a United States Senator, and a transforming president of Duke University. Holshouser was the State’s first Republican governor since 1896, and as nice and unassuming a person as you’d ever want to meet. They both worked to make North Carolina a better place and to bring progress and prosperity to all 100 counties. Although our founders have passed on, we aspire to honor their commitment to improving life for all people in North Carolina.

Why we have a pinecone logo

The pinecone is an ancient symbol of rebirth and regeneration.  The projects we work on help bring rebirth and regeneration to the community…sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a big way.  And of course, with the pine tree being a State symbol, that makes a nice tie-in with our commitment to serving communities across North Carolina.


 It’s the way we do our work that sets us apart

You don’t need a lawyer to complicate your life or your project. We won’t just toss documents in front of you and then send a bill, or otherwise treat our work as a magic trick that we won’t explain. We take seriously our responsibility to make things easier for you.

All lawyers will tell you they will do your work with expertise and for a competitive fee (although some of those other fees don’t seem so competitive). For us, there’s more to it.

We show up. We believe one of the best ways to provide high levels of service is to be physically present at the client’s location on a consistent basis. We want to visit you at the beginning of a project to talk about the game plan and be there in person at key times throughout the process.

We speak your language. We don’t make things too “lawyerly” or complicated. We are committed to being accessible, responsive, and easy to talk to and work with.

We maintain a good attitude. We’re friendly, empathetic and humble, and we remember that the client is in charge of the project.

We offer fixed fees whenever practicable. We don’t nickel-and-dime by charging for copies, postage or other minor expenses that are just part of doing business.


Our People

The people that make up Sanford Holshouser LLP are not just another bunch of lawyers. We are friendly, down-to-earth and easy to work with. We have a positive and informal work environment and we enjoy each other’s company. We look for ways to collaborate with each other and with our clients. We enjoy working with other professionals when you need more than legal advice, or when another lawyer can add specific expertise your project needs.

People who work here have to be committed to our mission and to the idea that we are all in this together. We value diversity in all its expressions.



Nothing can give you a better idea of what it is like to work with us than to talk with our clients. You can’t tell if a firm is a good fit by reading lists of completed transactions or counting lawyers. Talk to our clients and you’ll hear that we are experts in our selected fields, responsive and respectful of you as an individual, as a customer and as a representative of your constituents. Contact us if you’d like references from projects similar to the one you may be considering.



 If you’d like to talk about our working for you, click here, give us a call 919-933-9891 or send an email.