Community Economic Development

At Sanford Holshouser LLP, we know that successful and personal community economic development (CED) projects don’t happen by accident. Implementing a dynamic CED plan requires a dynamic team. You’ll want a team of qualified professionals and community stakeholders, including local officials, economic development organizations, citizens, and non-profits. You need a community economic development attorney on your team to help bridge the gap between these varied organizations and professionals.

We help communities build on their past to create sustainable futures by applying our knowledge of available legal tools to your particular challenges and opportunities. We can also draw on our experiences of how other localities have dealt with similar issues.

Our expertise is in facilitating cooperation among governments, non-profits and for-profit entities, and in the techniques local governments can use to support, influence and demand community enhancements by private entities. We can help you put together a public-private partnership that achieves the public’s goals and controls the public’s risk.

Do you want to develop a community center, a downtown mixed-use project, or an industrial park? Do you want to find ways to spruce up your downtown or encourage small businesses to come there – or provide additional support to those already in place? Do you need help working through the new procedural rules for business incentives or business improvement districts?

We can help you sort through legal issues, and help match strategies to your specific problems to find the approach that will best suit your circumstances.



    What will Sanford Holshouser bring to your CED team?

    •  A holistic approach to monitor compliance with existing agreements to avoid detrimental policy interactions
    • An objective view of your project and what’s effective
    • Understanding of techniques you can use to support, influence and demand enhancements by private entities
    • Tailored incentive policies and procedures to address your community’s specific challenges and opportunities
    • Experience with local government rules and regulations 
    • Expertise in drafting and negotiating economic development agreements