We recently served as special counsel to the Town of Rolesville to facilitate a public-private partnership to  redevelop the historic town center. Our team, led by Ashley Anderson, worked with the Town Manager,  Town Economic Developer, Town Attorney, and other Town officials for over a year to craft an agreement  that will help ensure the Town’s participation results in the Town’s getting the development it wants at this  high profile location. Together we structured $500,000 in financial and administrative Town incentives de signed to support parking, utilities, commercial growth, and to promote the overall development and revitalization of downtown Rolesville. We led the drafting of the agreement, and we assisted in negotiations  with the developer and in presenting the project and agreements to the Board. The $55M+ mixed-use town  center development includes a variety of uses, including 50,000+ square feet of commercial and retail  space, 178 residential units, and 12,000 square feet of government space. 

To learn more about the project and its recent groundbreaking, click here.

In our Community Economic Development practice, we think it’s important to tie down the developer’s commitments to reduce the possibility of a misunderstanding, or a community ending up with a project that doesn’t fit the community’s vision or that it feels isn’t commensurate with the time, effort and money that community officials put in.  To get started with revitalization in your downtown, call 919-933-9891 or e-mail us today.