We now have the official calendar for meetings of the Local Government Commission for 2019. We thought a table might be handy.

Along with the meeting dates, this table shows the dates 28 days prior to the meeting, because generally the Commission staff wants a fairly complete application package in hand by then. We’ve also noted the dates 45 days prior to the meeting dates, because that’s the deadline for sending in your advance notice to the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Local Government (see this post for more information on that requirement).

The LGC no longer alternates monthly meetings between the full Commission and its Executive Committee.  Instead, the full Commission meets each month (the Executive Committee may still meet between meetings if needed).  A financing is eligible to be closed the day after its LGC approval by the full Commission.

Also, keep in mind that the LGC generally won’t consider your application for a new-money borrowing in November, or later, unless the LGC staff has signed off on your new audit.

Here’s the calendar:


Meeting Date 28 Days Earlier is Tuesday, 45 Days Earlier is Saturday,
1/8/2019 12/11/2018 11/24/2018
2/5/2019 1/8/2019 12/22/2018
3/5/2019 2/5/2019 1/19/2019
4/2/2019 3/5/2019 2/16/2019
5/7/2019 4/9/2019 3/23/2019
6/4/2019 5/7/2019 4/20/2019
7/9/2019 6/11/2019 5/25/2019
8/6/2019 7/9/2019 6/22/2019
9/10/2019 8/13/2019 7/27/2019
10/1/2019 9/3/2019 8/17/2019
11/5/2019 10/8/2019 9/21/2019
12/3/2019 11/5/2019 10/19/2019